A downloadable game

Explore, loot, discover and fight!

This game is still very much in early access so there will be plenty of bugs and such!

Discord:  https://discord.gg/pzzmK2cCXc

Core Mechanics:

  • Full physics Npc/Character Controller
  • Full physics blocking and swordplay!

*Tip: blocking works best when done closest to the hilt of the sword

  • Full Physics climbing
  •  Health  and Climbing Stamina  UI is displayed on your left hand
  • Force Grab: Aim hand at item you wish to force grab. Pull Trigger to pull the item towards your hand
  • Enemy spawner at the center of the overworld is controlled by inserting one to three of the crystals laying by the spawn pillars. Pull the lever back to initiate the fight.

Red Crystal(Skeleton)

Green Crystal(Goblin)

Blue Crystal(Knight)


  • Your backpack is stored over your left shoulder. Just reach back over and use the grip button to grab hold.

  • Torch: Grab on using the grip button when you need some extra light. If you drop it don't worry it will return back after a short while!

  • Menu Book: Grab the blue book close to the bottom of the bag and throw to open up the menu. From there you can access 

Player Settings:

Music Volume, Smooth Turn Speed, Snap Turn, Toggle Sit/Stand Mode, Calibrate Height

Graphic Settings:

Quality Presets, Anti Aliasing, Grass Distance, Shadow Quality, Spectator Cam

*Note max grass distance is set to 300 meters (very demanding)

*Spectator Cam is not recommended

Load/Fast Travel

Save locations are unlocked after you interact with them by touching them with one of your hands. They will heal you to full health also. Click the location followed by clicking the load options and it will fast travel to that spot!


There are 8 weapons to be found around the map. Upon grabbing them it will autosave that you found them and in the future you can find them on their weapon wrack at your home on the hill.

Your weapon auto returns to your hip inventory after dropping. To switch the weapon that returns, simply drop your current weapon and replace it on your hip with the one you wish to return back in the future.

All the weapons have two hand grip with hand repositioning.

While holding the grip button down, pull the trigger followed by the  release of the grip button to allow you to slide your hand to reposition.  

Tip: use force grab by aiming your hand at the weapon and using the grip button to pull the weapon into your hand at a distance. This will automatically grab the weapon at the optimal hand placement.

Collecting Loot:

When you find loot that is spread out across the game world. Grab your backpack and hold the loot above the book menu and release to add them to your bag. The will automatically be displayed in your home.

  • 3 Masks
  • 9 Rings
  • 5 Bracelets
  • 5 Common Books
  • 3 Rare Books
  • 7 Gems
  • 3 Miscellaneous items

Development log


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Saw this on the OTK Expo. Game looks incredible, just bought a copy. Good luck with the development, looks very good. Can't wait to try it out tonight.

Found out about this on OTK Expo.
Can't argue with 10 bucks. Looking forward to giving it a try.
Hope you guys manage to get your game onto Steam soon.

This game looks very interesting. I saw this on the OTK Game Expo so i went ahead and bought it.

I see a lot of potential with this game. I will keep my eye out for future updates. For now I will enjoy my time exploring 1.0. I'm looking forward to a full release :)

take your time btw


looks great, will this be quest?


A quest version is planned


Hey I just saw this on the OTKExpo looks really good! I see you've already mentioned that it will be on steam soon. Will purchasing the game here give the game on steam once it's released? So cross-buy as such? Or will it have to be purchased again when it releases on steam? 

Also your Discord link still isn't working :) When you click create link, there's a little blue highlighted section that says "Your link will expire in 'X' days. Edit Invite Link." On there you will be able to check your "Expire" to never :) 

Thanks, wishing you the best! 


I thought I totally did, my bad lol that shouldn't expire now 

Yes buying it on here will give you access to the steam version free of charge. You will be given a steam key on release day

excited for this game! i hope the games expo inspired you even more!

Looks awesome, wish it was on Steam


will be soon!

The dev said in another comment that they'll give Steam keys to people who buy it on Itch, so you're safe to get it here.


Is there any chance you could link me to a high quality, transparent file for your logo? I add artwork assets to SteamGridDB for people to use with game launching software.

Additionally, your Discord link is invalid. My gut says it wasn't set up as an indefinite invite code and has expired.

Oh crap you're right! I'm a total discord noob so thanks for that

Updated: https://discord.gg/pzzmK2cCXc

I have a couple of different file variations for logo stuff. What dimensions ect would work best for what you need and I will send you those 

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If you have any questions or just want to come hang out. Here is the link to the official discord: https://discord.gg/pzzmK2cCXc